Strachan Research

Our clients over the past 15 years include many of Australia’s largest developers.
Delfin Lend Lease, Lensworth, Stocklands, and Junipers were our principal clients for over a decade. We have consulted for the Department of Defence, Arnotts, Campbells
and Bing Lee.

Quality research is essential for informed decision making whether purchasing a home or marketing a fast moving consumer good. Accurate timely information is critical to success.

Since 1996, Strachan Research has provided its clients with reports that have underpinned key successful decision making. Our reports are incisive and provide our clients with an edge over the market.

We source and generate a broad scope of property related information and statistics on local, state and national trends.

While we have always specialised in qualitative research, we regularly provide tracking studies, and surveys of purchasers and developers this is a particular speciality.